Super Sqaishey


This is how the story of Sqaishey begins (by Iva Quacks, grade 4).

I heard a noise
A noise of joy
A noise of cheer
Something so powerful
Something amazing
It Was

“Laa laa laa la laaa la la la!” Sqaishey sang.

Sqaishey is a duck. She has lots of friends and was in the land of Super Happy Fun Times. But that doesn’t matter now because she needs to rescue her friend Stampy Cat from a Garden Temple!!!

Garden Temples are filled with Gardens and Gardens are evil fish under a spell that made Stampy so weak he can NOT break through the walls. He only had a little bit of air left, so he built a breathing hole, but then he blocked himself in. That’s when he called Sqaishey for help.

Sqaishey was getting prepared. She got her best sword, some poshness, and some milk. Milk is strong enough to break any spell.

She got into her boat and set off!

As her boat was right above the Garden Temple she shrieked for she felt the gardens power hit her like the whole ocean was clasping on top of her! And she saw the garden’s septet flash before her like an illusion. Then she heard a scream, “HELP!” It was STAMPY!

She jumped out of the boat ignoring the warning she encountered. When she got to the entrance of the temple she saw STAMPY! He was trapped in a cage!

“Sqaishey look out!” Stampy yelled. Suddenly the ceiling in the middle of the room collapsed!There he was.

Out of the dust of the ruble stood right before her… THE KING GARDENER !She was surrounded by gardens!

“Leave him alone!” She charged at the King!

Stampy yelled, “SQAISHEY NO!”

The battle had just begun…

To be continued!


Sqaishey (DEFM107) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Donald Elementary in Flower Mount, TX. If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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