Kitty Cat Marshmallow


This is how the story of Kitty Cat Marshmallow begins (by KK, grade 4).

Have you ever seen a cat that was a rock? Well, there is one in the street of Mapleleaf. Her name is Kitty Cat Marshmallow.

She was a very cute and adorable little rock and everybody loved her because she was very sweet and caring. When there was saving or comforting, she was the one to look for.

Kitty Cat Marshmallow was black, white, and brown like a Calico cat. Kitty Cat Marshmallow had the word marshmallow at the end of her name because she just simply loved to eat marshmallows. She had cute little paws and was always meowing with excitement. She even wore a cute blue collar on her neck!

Even if she was a rock and not many details were shown off of her, she still had a little fluffy tail in the back like any other normal cat. She was a superhero in many ways and this is one of them.

Bad weather

The next day there was a clanging noise against her garbage can outside her house. She went outside to see what it was. She walked carefully out of her house step by step. Her jaw dropped in horror.

To her surprise the whole neighborhood was going crazy because of a gigantic storm. That storm was none other than a tornado. There was thunder and rain colliding together. A strike of lightning shined through the dark sky brightening it up like the sun would do.

Kitty Cat Marshmallow did not like the rain because she was a cat and cats of course do not like water. Well., some do but she didn’t. She dashed inside quickly to get away from the rain. She looked outside her window and gazed at the people that were screaming.

“Maybe I can do something,” she said. She put on her coat and some furry pants just so that she wouldn’t get wet. She slowly walked out of her house with her head down. She slowly picked up her head to look at the horrible things that were happening to her town.

“What can I do to help?” she thought to herself. “Oh! I have an idea!”

Kitty Cat Marshmallow yelled. “Everybody come to me!” Everybody, all of a sudden came running toward her in a stampede.

“Come in my house and you will all be safe,” she promised to them. They all trusted her and came with her. There was a loud thunder bolt and they could feel the tornado coming towards them. They all huddled together but, then all of a sudden…

To be continued!


Kitty Cat Marshmallow (DEFM121) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Donald Elementary in Flower Mount, TX. If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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