The Best Dog


This is how the story of Hyper Henry begins (6th grade).

There was a dog called Hyper Henry. He was the dog of two heroes. Their names were Supersalt and Lazer Guy. They had a big, huge house. They thought Henry was a normal dog as they got him for their 3rd birthday, but they figured out that he also had super powers.

He could run super fast and he could get invisible. He was very small when they got him. The family had a lot of fun with Henry. Year after year he got older and the boys wanted to go out less and less with the dog. The two parents had to do all the stuff: feed him, go out with him… the boys did not care.

When they turned ten, their parents said that they will suddenly give him away. The boys were so sad they did not want this to happen. After a few days, a man totally dressed in black suddenly stood in front of the door.

Supersalt was hearing what they talked about. The boys ran out with Henry and had so much fun the parents saw that and told the man to go away from their house. The kids said that they will care for the dog a part.

A few days later they went out with him. As they came to the park Henry ran to a grandma when a few guys stole her bag. Lazer Guy shot them all, one after the other, in their leg. Supersalt shot salt in their wounds. Hyper Henry chained them in super speed.

The police was taking the guys to jail because they were bank robbers. The two boys got a medal and a lot of thanks from the president, and from the police a golden collar and a very fluffy dog basket.

After ten years a new adventure is made.

… to be continued.


Hyper Henry (PHF53) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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