The Lucky One


This is how the story of Dave begins (6th grade).

Once upon a time there was a Pokemon trainer. His name was Dave. He was not the best one but he wanted to be the best one.

One day he went to the Pokemon black market. There was a man selling Pokeballs. Dave wanted to buy some because they were very cheap. Dave bought 5 of them, they cost about $100. When he came home he wanted to open them.

He opened 4 of them in row. After 5 minutes, the fifth one was opened, but it opened a little bit weird. At first there came some lightning strikes, the Pokeball fell to ground and a big Pokemon came out.

He was afraid because it was his first Pokemon. When Dave went to bed he searched in the internet, to find the name and some details. In the morning he went to breakfast. He found out the name. It was a very good Pokemon – it was Relaxo.

After some months Dave went to a Pokemon tournament. He was the worst player in the tournament. In the first game he won, the second one he almost lost, but he won. In the last and final game, Dave had only one Pokemon left because the other ones were already dead. But there was a problem: the rival had more Pokemons than him.

With a high percentage he would lose, but he gave everything. In the last second Relaxo gave everything and Dave won. The prize was very nice, it was legendary ball and Dragonite – a very good Pokemon.

Dave won his first tournament. Now he wanted to also win an international tournament. In the night he looked on the internet to see where the next tournament was. At the morning he looked still. Then he saw one the next tournaments for him was in Tokyo. It’s the biggest tournament in the world, the best players play there from each country.

Dave’s goal was to come into the eighth and quarter final. In 5 months was the tournament.

After 5 months Dave was in Tokyo. He won the first 2 games very easily. The eighth and quarter final he also won but not so easy as the other ones. Now the semi-final was coming. Dave was starting he uses Dragonite. After 3 hits he won.

The final was coming. Dave was starting again, now he was using Relaxo. After 3 hits Relaxo had only 30 ep left. But Dave was using a special attack and won. He won Mewtu, one legendary Pokemon. At the end he said it was his first and happiest tournament he played.

… to be continued.


Dave (PHF54) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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